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1-on-1 Coaching

Learn from the best and build something awesome. 

Get matched with a world renowned mentor to help build your entrepreneurial project for college applications, to build a business or to ignite your career.  

Stand out on college applications and internships

Turn your ideas into reality - and scale it 

Learn from UPenn Wharton and BCG Alumni

Sign up anytime.

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They built a product business for dogs and cats who need stylish coats and jackets

She crate a music mentoring program for elementary students.

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The Details


Start anytime.

Find a time and date and schedule the coaching sessions. 


Coach is helpful at any stage of starting an entrepreneurial project.


Coaching sessions are all online.

After the initial consultation session coaching sessions could be as frequent or in-frequent as requested.


We look for ambitious high school and middle school students who are ready to get an edge for their future. 

We work with 7th - 12th graders. 

Rocket Launch

Types of Projects to Create

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Basic AI Tools

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Video Games

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School Club

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Mechanical builds

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Research Project 

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Art Portfolios 

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Film content 

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Or create anything!

Frequently Asked Questions

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