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LaunchPad Boot camp 2024

Eight weeks. One life-changing entrepreneurial project. 

Entrepreneurship program where students build unique projects - from ideation to execution to application. 

Stand out on college applications 

Get a 5-year head start on your career

Build a world-class network of peers and mentors 

Get access to our next program starting April 22nd, 2024. Limited Spots available.

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Created plans for a Japanese

language learning AI bot

Admitted to Harvard!

Created a science journal featuring top cancer researchers

Admitted to UC Berkeley

Outcomes of this experience

One Pager (7).png

A minimal viable
project or MVP

One Pager (7).png


One Pager (7).png

A 5-year college and
career roadmap

One Pager (7).png

A written narrative
for applications

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The Details


Five to Eight session cohorts. Choose from:

April 22nd - May 20th (5 Sessions)

May 6th - June 24th (8 Sessions)

Each cohort comes with interactive workshops, 1-on-1 mentoring, and a DEMO day. 

Summer cohorts coming soon...


Cohorts are online or special cohorts are in-person.

Be All You's LaunchPad BootCamp is taught through interactive workshops where students learn from industry professionals, seasoned entrepreneurs, and guest instructors. 


We look for ambitious high school and middle school students who are ready to get an edge for their future. 

We separate cohorts based on age: 

  • 7th - 8th graders 

  • 9th - 10th graders

  • 11th-12th graders 

Bootcamp cohorts are between 5 to 15 students. 

Rocket Launch

Types of Projects to Create

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Basic AI Tools

One Pager (7).png


One Pager (7).png

Video Games

One Pager (7).png

School Club

One Pager (7).png

Mechanical builds

One Pager (7).png

Research Project 

One Pager (7).png

Art Portfolios 

One Pager (7).png

Film content 

One Pager (7).png


One Pager (7).png

Or create anything!

Abstract DNA Strand

Build your future and start with a project

Be All You helps you ideate, test, protype, launch, and scale any idea you have for

college or to ignite a career path. Here's what you expect from our program: 

Session 1


Students learn about how to ideate and brainstorm potential projects ideas using their passions, strengthens and future aspirations. 

Session 2

Defining Your Project

Students pick one project, learn what a project MVP is and create value statements for their projects.

Session 3

Market Research

Students learn how to do market research and create a plan to market their project.

Session 4

Overcoming Challenegs

Students learn about grit and how to overcome the challenges that come their way. Students reach out to mentors for their project.

Session 5

Scaling Your Project

Students learn how to get the first users or customers of their project.

Session 6

Writing a Project Narrative

Students learn how to write and talk about their project in school, to parents and on the common app.

Session 7

Opportunity Landscape

Students create a 5-year college and career plan starting with the formation of their project and ending with their potential career.

Session 8

Being All You

Students learn how to present their project and give feedback to other students' projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

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