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LaunchPad Clubs

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LaunchPad Club 

LaunchPad Clubs are cohorts of people working on various projects using Be All You’s resources, materials and community.


Students apart of our community get access to in-person/virtual events, a chance to win funding for their project and much more!  

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How it Works

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We meet as a group weekly, but throughout the week students can check out our content to learn more about various career paths!

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Our project based curriculum includes elements of positive psychology, financial literacy, college/career development and of course self-discovery! 

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Through our experience students will chose or create their own passion project to work on and build up to put on their resume. 

What Do You Get With LaunchPad Clubs

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Be All You Representative

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Access to Our Resources

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Invitation to
our Events 

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Why Be All You's 
LaunchPad Club?

LaunchPad Club are a great way to empower students to create various types of projects that teach them about themselves but that also impact their school community! 

What do you need
to create a
LaunchPad Club?

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Approval from School's Administrators

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A Teacher Club

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At least
5 Students

Study Group

Outcomes of the Club

Students walk away with having started a passion project that they can showcase both on our online platform and at our various passion project festivals.

Passion Project

Mentorship and 
Guest Speakers

Be All You

Portfolio of potential projects to use for colleges or careers

3 minute
presentation of Future 

Access to Be All You
Courses and Resources

Access to our

Get a LaunchPad Club at your school today! 

Create Oppertuntuiy! 

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