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Student Project Sponsorship

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Project Sponsorship

Let our students apply their passion, skill and grit to your business challenges! 

We invite companies, nonprofit and other organizations to sponsor a project proposal that allow our students work together to come up with unique solution to whatever problem you're facing. 

How it Works

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Sponsors Submit a Problem 

Throughout the course of 6 to a year have bi weekly one class with a senior mentor or a college advisor to refine future goals, and write the perfect essay!

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Students Submit a Unique Solution

We’ll help you revise your resume, writing, and most importantly help you develop a project that will make you stand out from the crowd.

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Projects are then Showcased at Event

We will help you make a plan around things that you are both good at and passionate about. 

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Sponsor Benefits and Recognition

  • Fresh, sophisticated ideas for your business challenge/opportunity for students who are educated in emerging thought and skill

  • Access to students for recruitment purposes

  • Professional development opportunities for the company

What Project Sponsors Can Expect

  • The project is to be completed within a pre-set time frame

  • Individual students or a group of students addressing your project

  • Faculty supervision, an intro call, a mid-term, and a final presentation

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What's Required of Project Sponsors?

  • An internal project captain who is available for a set mutually agreed upon number of contacts and meeting

  • A problem to solve with context and information

  • Project Sponsorship Fee

  • An executed educational project agreement

Example Projects

  • Internship or apprenticeship

  • Social Media Strategy for your organization

  • How to target the youth for a product or service

  • High-Level Company Strategy Decisions

  • How to Motivate Employees

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Supporters

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